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It might look just like another marketing gimmick, but it is not. BiX company would like to promote not only the perception of sex as an ordinary aspect of everyone’s life but also awareness of its bright side and dark side (in case we lose control of it). That’s why we would like to give away a million condoms within the “One Million Campaign”. If you are interested, see the section One million give away!

BiX condoms

BiX is company targeting on the production of high quality condoms. The offer includes all “equipment” you might expect. In case your appetite is above-average and you are used to take larger packages for reasonable prices, you can purchase them directly in our e-shop.

Condoms & public education

Condoms & public education – we do talk about things!

It makes us happy when somebody is aware of what he or she is really doing and of what pleasures and difficulties there are. On that account we decided to devote half of this website and the great portion of our activities for a public education. An ugly collocation, isn’t it? But it fits perfectly. Let’s say it openly: many people simply don’t know how to handle sex, the spice of life. The reason consists in not only a stupid but also a deeply rooted opinion that we shouldn’t talk about such things. However, we do talk about them: we perceive questions as the beginning of solution and problems as a possibility to better something.

Enjoying sex

There is no doubt that many sex related questions come to our mind, so we will try to dedicate a portion of this website to search for answers together. We believe that both “experienced scorers” and those who are still learning how to fly high can find here a lot of useful information. We would be pleased if it helps you understand at least to a certain extent what is sex about.

You are welcome, it is up to you now!

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